Christmas Comics (Part Two): A Fistful Of Festive Comics

by Olly MacNamee

I don’t know about you but Holiday themed comics tend to be getting scarcer and scarcer each year. As proof of this, I bring you just the five festive funny books I could find that are coming out over the next two weeks for anyone wanting to grab a comic book to get them into the holiday mood.

There’s DC Comics’ Tis the Season to be Freezin’ #1 which seems tenuous a link to the Holiday season at best:

Written by: Alan Burnett and Paul Dini, Rich Bernatovech, Tee Franklin, Tara Roberts, Amedeo Turturro, Bobby Moynihan, Jeff Trammell, Andrew Wheeler
Art by: Jordan Gibson, Travis Mercer, Yancy Labat, Eric Battle, Jason Howard, Pop Mhan, Justin Mason, Meghan Hetrick
Colors by: Monica Kubina, Andrew Dalhouse, Tony Alvina, Eve De La Cruz, Jason Howard, Ivan Plascencia, Allen Passalaqua, Marissa Louise
Letters by: Josh Reed, Dave Sharpe, Taylor Esposito, Ferran Delgado, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Steve Wands, Josh Reed, Becca Carey

“Oh the weather outside is freezing, but these stories sure are pleasin’. So since you’ve no place to go, why not grab a sweater, pour a cup of hot cocoa, and stoke the fire…because these 10 tales are sure to lower the mercury! Join us as Harley Quinn and Blue Snowman ice out Hawkman, Batman fights the cold heart of Mr. Freeze, the JLQ don’t stand a snowball’s chance against Minister Blizzard, and the Flash and Superman team up to chill out Captain Cold. So warm your holiday heart with these freezin’ feats of frosty fiction!”

Out Tuesday 14th December

Then there’s the more festive looking BOOM! Studios’ The Firefly Holiday Special #1:

Written by Jeff Jensen

Art by Vincenzo Federici, Jordi Pérez, Fabiana Mascolo

Colour by Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli, Lucia Di Giammarino

Lettering by Jim Campbell 

“It’s the holiday season and Jayne’s selfish behavior receives the unwanted attention of three visiting spirits who reveal the hidden past, present and future of Serenity’s most…miserly crew member.

A beloved character returns as the Ghost of Firefly Past, while a fellow crew member guides Jayne through the here and now, showing the consequences of his actions in the present.

But it’s the Ghost of Firefly Future, Emma Washburne, who reveals the most shocking fate of all. Can Jayne turn over a new leaf and avert the disaster headed his way?

Celebrate the holiday season with your favorite Browncoats in this self-contained special by Emmy and Eisner Award-winning writer Jeff Jensen (HBO’s Watchmen, Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure) and artists Vincenzo Federici (Go-Go Power Rangers), Jordi Perez (Firefly), & Fabiana Mascolo (Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse).”

Out Wednesday 15th December

And finally there’s the really festive looking Archie Comics’ World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #115 and World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #11 that rings in the New Year:

Written by Ron Robbins

Art by Tim Kennedy, Pat Kennedy

“BRAND NEW STORY: “Santa Con Carne”
Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead hit the town square for the Riverdale SantaCon on Christmas Day, where everyone is dressed up as Santa… at least they think everyone is dressed up as Santa! One person they encounter ordering burgers (a lot of them!) at Pop’s seems very familiar, and NOT from Riverdale!”

Out Wednesday 22nd December

Written by Dan Parent

Art: Various

“BRAND NEW STORY: “Let’s Have a Ball!”
The gang decides to ring in the New Year by breaking the World’s Record for the biggest snowball! They construct it on the school grounds, and have the World’s Record Committee come to measure the giant ball. Unfortunately, a bit of warm weather might upend their plans! Can they keep their cool and still make the record books?”

Out Wednesday 22nd December

And finally we have The Three Stooges: Stocking Stuffer #1 from American Mythology productions:

Written by James Kuhoric

Art by Brendon Fraim, and Brian Fraim

“It’s Christmas with The Three Stooges! The holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends. And if your friends are knuckleheads, you know the kind of slapstick hijinks they can get up to! Join Moe, Larry, Curly, and even Shemp with tales that will fill your Christmas with chuckles and your Hanukah with hilarity! In this issue our own Stooge-tastic story tellers have The Boys as guardian angels, screwing up Santa’s assembly line, and even celebrating with their first Hanukah tale! It’s a Three Stooges milestone in their storied career! So, hang your stocking with care, because you never know when Shempy Claus is coming to town! The Three Stooges Stocking Stuffer is the perfect holiday gift for Dad and comes with four covers – Main by Philip Murphy, Painted Variant by Jorge Pacheco, Color Photo, and Limited Edition Black & White Photo Cover!”

Out Wednesday 22nd December

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