Storm’s Destiny Of X Is To Lead ‘X-Men Red’ To Defend Mars

by Tony Thornley

It’s another Wednesday, which means more Destiny of X news, and this one is a doozy. Ororo Munroe has been a Queen, a Goddess, a Hero and an X-Man. Now in April’s X-Men Red she’s taking a new role.

Coming out of the Hellfire Gala, Storm was revealed as the Regent of Sol and the defender of the newly rechristened planet Arakko. Her journey since has been chronicled in SWORD. Now, that series is being rechristened, and has a new mission as Storm and her yet-to-be revealed team defend Mars.

Al Ewing returns for the new volume, and is joined by Marvel mainstay Stefano Caselli on art.

Watch for more information on the series as we learn more about Destiny of X!

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