AfterShock Comics Announces New Horror Series ‘The Ocean Will Take Us’

by Olly MacNamee

Today AfterShock Comics announce new series, The Ocean Will Take Us written by Rich Douek, with art by Carlos Olivares, colours by Manuel Puppo and lettering by Dave Sharpe. A horror comic set on the open waves:

“Something’s lurking in the waters of Almanzar Bay – and when Casey March tries out for the swim team, he learns firsthand that messing with the social order of his new high school can have dangerous – even deadly – consequences!

From Bram Stoker-Award nominated writer Rich Douek (Sea of Sorrows, Road of Bones) and artist Carlos Olivares, comes a new tale of horror and intrigue – where a group of high school outcasts band together to fight a growing evil in their school and town.” 

A new book often gets the creators talking, and so we have Rich Douek informs us more about this new comic book:

“THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US is a supernatural/conspiracy mystery set in one of the most horrifying places on earth – high school! A gang of misfits in the ocean town of Almanzar learn that the local swim team is involved with what they think are performance-enhancing drugs – but in the quest to expose the team, our gang uncovers a conspiracy that threatens everyone they love, and maybe the entire world.” 

As for the inspirations behind the series:

“One big one was your classic ’80s teen movies, like The Breakfast Club or The Karate Kid, and others are more recent teenage dramas like Buffy or Riverdale. I thought it would be really fun to take a group of teenage misfits dealing with all the drama of being in high school and throw them into a situation where the stakes are higher than they could ever have imagined.” 

So, why else should we pick up this book? Doeuk gave us not one, but three reasons:

“1) The art Carlos and Manuel are creating for this book is so great, I think people will be really into it once they see the pages. It’s got a style that’s very different from what I’m used to working in, which is really exciting to me – every page that hits my inbox just wows me. 

2) If you know me and my writing, you know I love horror – and this book will not skimp on it, especially as the series goes on and we get a better sense of what these kids are up against. 

3) Most importantly, we’ve all been having a great time putting this book together – and I hope that will come through when readers get a look at what we’re doing. It’s not only going to be a great book quality-wise, it’s going to be one hell of a fun read.” 

The Ocean Will Take Us #1 will debut Wednesday 6th April from AfterShock Comics

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