BOOM! Studios Announces ‘Magic- The Hidden Planeswalker’ For April 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has announced Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker, a brand new four-issue comic book series from comic book and screenwriter Mairghread Scott, artist Fabiana Mascolo and letterer Ed Dukeshire.

‘While our heroes may have defeated one of the many dangers throughout the multiverse, the powerful Necromancer Liliana Vess is left to return to her new home as a professor at the greatest college of magic in the multiverse. But she doesn’t return alone. Sensing the presence of a distant planeswalker calling for help… one with the power to save or destroy entire planes, puts her on a collision course with the diabolical machinations of Tezzeret, the Master of Metal…’

“I’m thrilled to bring a brand new chapter of Magic comics to life in all its twisted glory with The Hidden Planeswalker. Professor Vess is waiting for you, and she doesn’t like to be disappointed,” said Scott.

“As a fan of the game, it’s such a pleasure and honor to work on an all-new Magic comic book series! I genuinely cannot wait for the readers to find out more about this story and the mysterious The Hidden Planeswalker,” added Mascolo.

Featuring main cover art by Karen S. Darboe and a set of connecting variant cover art by Miguel Mercado, and variant covers by Awanqi, Yanick Paquette, and Junggeun Yoon, Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker #1 will be available in April 2022.

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