A Classic In The Making: ‘Catwoman Lonely City’ # 2 Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Cliff Chiang’s vision for Selina Kyle honors the character’s history by pushing her forward into new exciting territory. It would be a crime if you didn’t pick up this comic.


From DKR: The Golden Child to Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, my favorite DC Books lately have been within the Black Label line. These are creator-driven comics set outside of continuity that can push the characters into riskier territory than a mainline book. Catwoman: Lonely City by Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) is set in a near future where costumes and capes have been outlawed and Gotham is under the control of fascist Batcops. When Selina Kyle is released from prison she must assemble a crew of old enemies and allies for one last heist–breaking into the Batcave.

What drew me into the story was how Chiang approached multiple eras of Catwoman. For many (including myself) Catwoman was their first fictional crush. So Chiang’s rendition of the 60s-inspired Catwoman was so breathtaking, I had to pick up the issue and find out more. As I dove into the series, I saw Selina Kyle and the other members of Gotham’s criminal underworld in a completely different light. Every reinterpretation of a classic Batman rogue was a joy and a surprise to encounter.

There are several eras at play in Catwoman: Lonely City– from a colorful vintage era, to a darker period, and finally a post-modern dystopia. In designing the new Gotham, Chiang has its citizens dress and use brands that parody aspects of the DCU. Whether it’s a coffee cup with Poison Ivy’s face or a “Supreme” logo that spells out “Superman,” this self-referential humor adds another level of appeal to the world. Whether you’re a new or longtime fan of Catwoman, there’s something here for everyone. Catwoman: Lonely City feels fresh and modern while also paying tribute to comics’ greatest feline femme fatale. Chiang has captured the courage, power, and intelligence of Selina Kyle and put her in a caper that could become a contemporary classic. You can check out previews for Catwoman: Lonely City Issue #1 and Issue #2 right now on Comicon.

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