Tim Seeley Chooses Zoop For ‘Love Bunny & Mr. Hell’ Deluxe HC

by Brendan M. Allen

Before Hack/Slash, Tim Seeley introduced another critically acclaimed duo to the world in the form of dysfunctional superheroes, Lovebunny & Mr. Hell. Former sidekick Beth Bowers wants to be her own hero, but she’s saddled with a sidekick of her own; the demonic, eternally hungry Mr. Hell.

The crowdfunding campaign for Lovebunny & Mr. Hell Deluxe Hardcover is live now right here on Zoop.


“Lovebunny & Mr.Hell is my first real attempt at making a creator-owned comic, “ said Seeley. “My first actual professional work period! And though it never had the success of Hack/Slash, my sexy superhero farce has some loyal fans, including, honestly, me. I love it with all my heart. And I realized I had an itch that needed scratching. There isn’t a pretty deluxe hardcover collection. So, I decided to do a new version that corrects all of the print errors that were mistakenly included in the last softover collection of the book and includes a ton of new material like previously unpublished sketches and pages. A final definitive edition for the fans! Also… me.” 


Rewards kick in at the $35 (Early Bird) level for a copy of the hardcover. $55 (Early Bird) will get you the same hardcover, with Seeley’s autograph. There are also posters available ($25 unsigned, $40 signed) and original art pages from the book ($250).


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