Universe Spanning Blockbuster Action: ‘Fantastic Four’ #40 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


A fast-paced energetic issue heralding in the Reckoning War. Alongside Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four we have a supporting hand from the Avengers, Nick Fury and the Silver Surfer. A blockbuster event spanning the Marvel universe, with all at stake. As ever.


With Reed Richard even more brainy than ever before and the Human Torch still struggling with his current condition, things are already complicated enough without the Reckoning War consuming the whole universe. And, as such, there is certainly a frantic energy to Fantastic Four #40, coming hot on the heels of Fantastic Four: The Reckoning War Alpha. 

As well as the Avengers, the returning Nick Fury and more, we also get Doctor Doom, once again believing he’s the best man to prevent the “complete and utter destruction” of the universe. 

Offering up a the large scale, widescreen visuals necessary to sell the epic nature of this story is Rachel Stott, another great addition to the long line of stellar artists who have worked on Dan Slott’s run of Marvel’s favourite family. And she excels. There are a good deal of players and even more moving parts in a story of this magnitude, but Stott show’s her skills in delivering crisp but detailed pages that brim with immensity. A fallen Galactus, laid broken across Asgard, Reed and assorted heroes communicating across the stars with the Silver Surfer, every scene is magnificently presented by Stott and embellished further by colour artist Jesus Aburtov.

This issue is only the first salvo on the all-consuming Reckoning Wars, but it’s an energetic, breathless opening shot across the bowels that promises a fast-paced, big action blockbuster of a story years in the making.

Fantastic Four #40 is out now from Marvel Comics 

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