Final ‘Morbius’ Trailer Encourages Him To Be The Bad Guy

by Erik Amaya

It’s tough being Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto). He faces the medical hurdle of curing his own life-long illness. And once he does it, the side-effects of treatment greatly resemble vampirism. So now that he craves blood, all of the NYPD are after him. But if that weren’t enough, this final trailer for the film reveals both Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) and Loxias Crown (Matt Smith) want him to embrace his darker tendencies. Will he succumb and join Toomes in some sort of Sinister Six or will he become an ally of Spider-Man?

Presumably, the film will actually come out on the day posted in the trailer — but that has yet to prove true for any of the movie’s previous release dates. In fact, Morbius‘s many delays is now as much a part of the story as the actual plot. But with more movies sticking to their planned debuts — The Batman hasn’t wavered from its March 4th date since it was revealed — it’s possible Morbius will actually come out this time.

Another intriguing element of the film is the mystery of its universe. Is it taking place in Venom‘s world, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a previous Spider-Verse, or an entirely new reality mixing in elements of what’s come before? Now that Marvel Studios and Sony seem to have an agreement about the Mutliverse and where films can occur, Morbius could happen just about anywhere. But since part of the Marvel magic is that inter-connectivity, we hope the film makes it quite clear where it is happening.

Morbius is set for release on April 1st.

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