Arkane Studios Reveals The Official Story Trailer For ‘Redfall’

by Sage Ashford

Just ahead of its release, Arkane Studios’ new co-op shooter Redfall finally gets a story trailer. Delving into what caused the town of Redfall to be overrun with vampires, the trailer introduces players to Aevum, a corporation obsessed with immortality.

Though Arkane has talked about the game being less like Left 4 Dead and more like Far Cry, this trailer is the first time the game has actually felt like that. The trailer has a drastically reduced focus on the protagonists for once, instead centering around the enemies — including the “vampire gods” that have sealed the city of Redfall off from the rest of the world.

Redfall launches May 2nd on PC via Steam, Microsoft Store, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Series.

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