‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Shows Off Seven Minutes Of New Gameplay

by Sage Ashford

IGN has teamed up with developer Dramatic Labs to show off seven minutes of the upcoming narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence for their IGN First program. The trailer features a deeper look at the story of the game, focused on the Federation attempting to mediate a conflict between two alien races: the Alydian and the Hotari.

There’s no combat shown, let alone any of the other elements that are present in the game. Made up of former Telltale developers, Dramatic Labs has mentioned wanting to tell a narrative-driven story, but also wants to include action and exploration into their game as well. That said, this new trailer gives a feel for how Dramatic Labs will be utilizing the Star Trek universe, right down to how they’ll be using characters like Spock from the classic lore.

Currently, there’s still no scheduled release date for the game, though it is meant to be coming out later this year on PlayStation, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store.

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