Art For Art’s Sake # 145: The Marvellous Mick McMahon

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – every week bringing you the best of the art I’ve seen on the Internet, all capped off with some glorious work from Mick McMahon. So, sit back, scroll, enjoy the feast for your eyes…

John K Snyder – great Spy Vs Spy commission – a lovely take on Antonio Prohais‘ classic Mad magazine feature

And another Spy Vs Spy I saw – this time courtesy of Darwyn Cooke

Dave McKean – “short circular comic for the NY Times centenary editorial on Dostoevsky.”

John McCrea – spidey on the go for

Marguerite Sauvage – Penny Dreadful

And another Marguerite Sauvage‘My double spread page from Harley Quinn Black, White, and Red.’

David Roach – Dr Who

Fred Hembeck – The Captains Britain

ABC Warriors’ Joe Pineapples – Simon Bisley (1988)

Demon Days – Mariko Yashida

Matias Bergara – Dr Strange

Gleb Melnikov – Spidey and Supes…

Potions with Snape – Teemu Juhani

Teen Titans by Gretel Lusky

Spidey by Terry Moore

Vampirella & Pantha – Alan Davis and Mark Farmer

Wolverine – Zounds O Silence – Michael Golden

And we shall end this week with the genius that is Mick McMahon or Mike McMahon… either way, still a genius – Judge Dredd, Slaine, ABC Warriors, VCs, Ro-Busters, Last American, Doctor Who, Muto Maniac, Alien Legion, Batman, Tank Girl… hell, he even made Sonic look incredible.

There’s just no-one who looks like McMahon, the early stuff was incredible, different, vibrant, but the later works… wow, to go so far into the art, to refine the technique – genius. To reinvent his style again and again, to go all the way with it. Absolute genius.

I mean… just look at this… early Dredd, most recent Dredd (cover of 2000 AD Prog 2250)

Simply incredible. And he’s been doing that all through his long and glorious career.

Okay, enough chat… you came for the artwork…





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