Jordan Clark And Pasquale Qualano Bring ‘Samurai Sonja’ To Life In June

by Erik Amaya

The Sonjaverse continues to expand.

Dynamite Entertainment announced on Monday morning the imminent arrival of Samurai Sonja. The next series to spin out from the Sonjaversal event comes courtesy of writer Jordan Clark, artist Pasquale Qualano, colorist Kike J. Diaz, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry. In this universe, it is Sengoku period Japan (circa 1467 to 1615). Sonja, the daughter of a slain samurai, takes up his sword and sets out across a war-torn countryside to prove herself worthy of her family’s legacy. But her journey hits a bump when she makes a deal with the goddess Amaterasu. The deity gifts her a set of magical armor and powerful weapons capable of slaying mythical beasts. The price? Should she fall in battle, her entire bloodline will be erased from existence.

“I’m so excited to introduce readers to the world of Samurai Sonja!,” Clark said in a statement. “As a long time fan of samurai culture and folklore, getting a chance to merge those sensibilities with a timeless character like Sonja has been a blast. She embodies so much of the Bushido Code as a fierce warrior with a strong sense of justice as well as compassion. This is my love letter to works like Seven Samurai and Vagabond and if you’ve enjoyed Pasquale’s work in the Sonjaverse so far, just wait until you see what he’s doing on this series!”

The first issue will be supported with covers from Lucio Parrillo, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Clayton Henry, and Paulina Ganucheau. Samurai Sonja #1 hits stores in June.

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