SWAG Adventures: ‘HALO’ Helps Create Well-Tuned Machines

by Gary Catig

HALO, the television adaptation of the popular video game, is set to premiere this week on Paramount+. You can read what some of the cast and creatives had to say about the upcoming series here and read our review of the first two episodes here. Recently, a mailer was sent out to members of the press to help promote the show.

The first thing you notice is the packaging. It sets the mood rather quickly with the face of protagonist Master Chief.

Then inside are some cool goodies.

There is your typical fare of pins and a hat. The three pins include the series name, another Master Chief head, and the UNSC, the organization the Spartan super soldiers work for. Embroidered on the hat is “117” as in Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 or Spartan-117.

The remaining items are to help you become a well-tuned machine just like Master Chief. A nice athletic pullover to keep you warm and to wear during those early morning runs. Similar to the hat, it is also embroidered with “117.”

After those workouts, you’ll need a healthy snack with the appropriately named Chief Collagen bar. Then, to help keep track of all of your progress and to help ensure you keep a regular routine, a Fitbit.

HALO premieres Thursday March 24th on Paramount+.

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