As Goods As It Gets: ‘Batman/Superman World’s Finest’ #1 Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Comics greatest superheroes have been paired with a super creative team. 

In Worlds Finest Mark Waid and Dan Mora are creating what’s sure to become a classic!


In the not-too-distant past, Superman’s powers are dangerously super-charged following an attack by the villain Metallo… and the only ally that the ultra-powerful Man of Tomorrow can turn to in this turbulent hour is Gotham’s own dark vengeance: The Batman. A near-fatal burst of power drives Bruce Wayne to his own extreme measures to help his friend…enlisting none other than The Doom Patrol for help.

Superman and Batman are challenging characters to write on their own and teaming them up is even more of a Herculean task. World’s Finest by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain and Aditya Bidikar manages to capture the timeless quality of these two icons while also injecting the story with new energy. Waid’s rendition of the DC heroes and villains are loveably over-the-top and feel right at home for those who enjoyed DC’s animated series. The story takes twists and turns and is sure to become a staple in the DC Hall of Fame.

Mora delivers truly stunning artwork–from the grotesque body of Metallo, to the kinetic acrobatics of Robin, and the vintage beauty of the Elastic Woman. The characters and world have the perfect blend between classic and modern. Bonvillain’s colors make every scene pop off the page. The primary color palette of the series evokes the infinite optimism of the Silver Age without ever coming across as too saturated. Bidikar’s lettering accents every scene perfectly, incorporating characters’ iconic logos, and making every bubble a pleasure to read.

From the creative team to its extraordinary execution, this Batman/Superman comic can only be best described as Worlds Finest!

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