Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #14 Goes Too Fast

by Benjamin Hall


The Predacons uncover the cause of why the planet’s animals have mutations. After capturing the source of these mutations they plan another scheme against the Maximals. Meanwhile various individuals exhibit odd behaviors. What, if anything, connects the two problems?


Writer Erik Burnham creates a script that is mostly good. However, the final pages speed things up too much regarding the plot. This issue’s narrative also essentially takes three plots from three or four different episodes of Beast Wars Transformers (1996-1999). Thus, the story structure feels a bit uneven. Luckily, letterer Jake M. Wood and artist Josh Burcham provide a lot of clarity with their respective skills to the sequence of events. Though Burcham does not leave enough room in one panel for Wood to properly letter. Wood solves this problem by going around a panel border and back into the image.

Transformers Beast Wars #14 (2022) cover B by artist Brenda Chi.

Burcham also looks to have rushed some of the lines. This is especially apparent by certain lines having inks that look incomplete.

Artist Winston Chan creates great proportions for cover A. The different sizes help to draw the eye, and they assist with creating a sense of tension. While the color palette also helps with the tension it is more due to the hotter colors balancing out the cooler ones. Unfortunately the trees and ground look to be at a different angle to the combatants. Lastly, despite being an overall high quality cover the basics of the design are generic.

Artist Brenda Chi is the creator of cover B. Like on cover A the positions of the angles are debatable as to how they affect this cover’s quality. The art and colors are both competent. Although the art is arguably better than the colors. Also arguable is that the execution of the art and colors results in a medium quality cover.

Artist Camila Fortuna goes psychedelic with the background colors of cover RI. However, this means that there is no clear setting for Optimus Primal and Megatron to inhabit. Also while their robot formers are mostly accurate Primal for some reason has natural teeth. This is a massive stretch even allowing for creative license. Yet, one can easily say that Fortuna does a fine job with the line work and proportions.

Transformers Beast Wars #14 is out now from IDW.

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