The Battle For Riverdale’s Soul Begins On Next Week’s ‘Riverdale’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Other than he has yet another alliterative name and his family were somehow in cahoots with the Blossoms at one point, little has been revealed about Percival Pickens (Chris O’Shea) so far, but it looks like he’s going to be stirring up trouble on next week’s Riverdale.

This week’s Riverdale, however, was a sendoff to Veronica’s father, Hiram (Marc Consuelos) and as Veronica (Camila Mendes) herself notes, none of her friends exactly send their condolences. Paired with the scene of Archie (KJ Apa) realizing he probably should’ve have checked on Jughead (Cole Sprouse), to see if he was ok after the house exploding, this really was an episode of Riverdale calling itself out for not having any continuity when it comes to relationships.

It’s one of the reasons why Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) being possessed by Abigail is turning out to be such a fun storyline – it’s putting Cheryl and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) in the same room together again.

Other thoughts on this week’s episode:

  • Riverdale needs to stop acting like Jughead having writer’s block is something unusual, but are they really trying to say that writer’s block is his kryptonite now?
  • Instead of adding a new character to the show in Abuelita’s godson, Heraldo (Ricardo Hoyos), why not let Abuelita (Ana Mercedes) step up and show some conniving, Lodge colors?
  • First comes parallel universes. Then comes mirror universes. Could the Riverdale writers have seen Paul Wendkos’ TV movie, Fear No Evil?
  • Anyone else ready for Riverdale to retire TBK (Doug Chapman) and let Betty (Lili Reinhart) be in a storyline that doesn’t involve a serial killer?

Riverdale airs Sundays on The CW.

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