Hellcat Unleashed In New ‘Iron Man/Hellcat’ Annual Cover

by Tony Thornley

Patsy Walker had faded into obscurity before she joined the cast of Iron Man. Now the most important story in her history since the former romance star became Hellcat begins with June’s Iron Man/Hellcat Annual.

We’ve already revealed several of the covers and plenty of plot details for this special issue. Now we’ve got another cover to reveal, this one from superstar Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau.

“Hellcat has one of the most unique—and at times inscrutable—origin stories in Marvel Comics, but also one of my favorites,” series writer Christopher Cantwell said. “I love that Patsy got her start in teen romance comics in the 40’s and yet was still somehow able to ride the wave into the rise of super heroes, becoming Hellcat. With an epic and circuitous backstory that now spans more than 75 years, I’ve had a blast exploring the rich tapestry that is Patsy—first in Iron Man, and now with even more depth in this annual.”

Watch out for Iron Man/Hellcat Annual 2022 in June, from Cantwell and artist Ruairí Coleman, from Marvel Comics.

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