Asian Voices On Marvel Legends In ‘Marvel Voices: Identity’ #1

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s line of Marvel Voices one-shots have provided some of the coolest and most unique stories of the last few years. May’s Marvel Voices: Identity will spotlight Asian-American and Pacific Islander voices for the second time, a follow up to last year’s one-shot of the same name.

The extra-sized special will feature four different stories starring some of comics’ most prominent Asian characters, and featuring covers by creators from all over the comics world, all sharing their Asian heritage. It will also feature an introduction by Isabel Hsu, Senior Manager of Creative Development at Marvel Games and exclusive interview with longtime comic book letterer and industry pioneer, Janice Chiang. 

·       Writer Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Creees Lee take Shang-Chi and Jimmy Woo on a vital mission with some unexpected surprises

·       Writer Sabir Pirzada and artist Eric Koda teams up Ms. Marvel with Shang-Chi in a story that explore these two heroes’ differences and similarities

·       Writer Jeremy Holt and artist Kei Zama spotlight the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Mantis, diving into the iconic character’s fascinating past and gearing her up for a bright future

·       Writer Emily Kim and artist Rickie Yagawa showcase the power and expertise of master of the mystic arts, Wong, in an exciting solo adventure

The issue is also going to have an array of incredible variant covers, featuring some of the greatest Asian artists in comics. Be sure to preorder the one-shot from your local comic store, and pick it up on May 25th! 

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