Marvel Unlimited Launches New ‘Who Is…’ Series With America Chavez And Scarlet Witch

by Brendan M. Allen

The all-new Who Is… series is launching on Marvel Unlimited. Who Is… takes a deeper dive into the origins of your favorite Marvel heroes, as told in one-shot specials throughout the year. Perfect for new readers and those looking for entry points, the Who Is… lineup revisits the backstories of major characters from every corner of the Marvel Universe. 

The first two issues, Who Is… The Scarlet Witch #1 and Who Is… America Chavez #1, are now available on the app in the exclusive Infinity Comics format.

Who Is… The Scarlet Witch #1 comes from writer Steve Orlando, line artist Rye Hickman, and color artist Brittany Peer.

‘A dynamic sorceress with reality-manipulating powers and hex magic, Wanda Maximoff has been a master of the mystical arts for both mutantkind and the Avengers. Grab her full origin here!’

Who Is… America Chavez #1 features writer Alex Segura, line artist Carlos Gomez, and color artist Bryan Valenza.

‘America Chavez is a portal-punching Young Avenger and a hero of the Multiverse! Learn about her true beginnings in this definitive origin!’

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