Batwoman Swings By In ‘Harley Quinn’ #14 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Colors: Ivan Plascenciaa
Letters: Andworld Design

“I’m innocent, I tell ya! I might currently be stuck in Blackgate Penitentiary for multiple homicides thanks to a growing body of evidence that points right to me, Harley Quinn, as the murderer… but for once it was not Harley Quinn in the alley with the baseball bat. Someone’s obviously tryin’ to frame me, and I gotta figure out who and why if I wanna clear my name before I end up spendin’ the rest of my days behind bars with a buncha ladies who really don’t seem thrilled that I’m here. Not to mention I look terrible in orange…”

Harley Quinn #14 is out Tuesday 26th April from DC Comics

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