Advance Review: `Step By Bloody Step’ #3 Takes An Emotional Toll

by Tom Smithyman


Better have your tissues ready for this one. Creators Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara prove that you don’t need text on a page to pack an emotional wallop. Bergara’s visuals continue to shine and bring this remarkable story to life.


One of the funniest panels in the latest issue of Step By Bloody Step features a character holding a finger to her lips to ensure another character remains quiet. After all, that warning is hardly necessary for a series that has absolutely no text at all.

That’s not to say the story isn’t compelling. While parts of issue #3 seems a bit more confusing than the previous chapters, the tale plotted by Si Spurrier continues its emotional punch. Spurrier has proven that words are not critical to telling a great story – and that emotions are felt in the heart, not read by the eyes and brain.

Of course, the stunning visuals Step readers have come to expect from artist Matias Bergara are a primary reason. Bergara does not disappoint this time around either. In this installment, he seemingly draws inspiration from Flash Gordon, Cinderella, and even Angry Birds.

After an argument with her giant protector, the story’s young girl – without text we don’t even know her name – gets invited to a dance at a royal palace. Outside the palace walls a battle rages, and the giant joins in, likely to protect his charge. During the course of the fight, we seem to witness two tragic deaths. The emotional toll that those deaths take on the reader is a testament to Bergara’s talent and superb execution.

Step began with the young girl and her protector constantly on the run from threats on all sides. We’ve seen the tension build between the two of them, as often happens between parents and children. With only one step left in this fantastic limited series, we’ll see whether the two are somehow reunited or if the separation is permanent and the girl will mature and become someone’s protector.

Step By Bloody Step #3 will be available for purchase on April 27, 2022.

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