Check Out The Animated Trailer For Square-Enix’s ‘Echoes Of Mana’

by Sage Ashford

In celebration of the launch of their latest mobile game, Echoes of Mana, Square-Enix has released an animated opening trailer, courtesy of studio Madhouse. Echoes of Mana will give players the option to work with other Mana characters from older games while they go on a journey to find the Mana sword.

Developed by WFS, Echoes of Mana has been described as a game that will be welcoming to newcomers and long-time Mana fans alike. Though the console title is something fans are no doubt waiting on, last year they asked fans to wait just a little longer for it. Considering how many new games from older franchises they announced this year, it’s doubtful any news will be given on yet another new franchise. So, Echoes of Mana might actually be best for fans waiting on a new Mana game.

Echoes of Mana is available now for iOS and Android.

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