Garth Ennis And Russ Braun’s Superspy Returns To AfterShock Comics With ‘Jimmy’s Little Bastards’

by Olly MacNamee

Garth Ennis and Russ Braun return with an all-new miniseries featuring Jimmy and his titular Bastards in Jimmy’s Little Bastards. A three issue series coming from AfterShock Comics:

“After the shattering events of his last adventure, Jimmy is on extended leave from British Intelligence — sliding slowly into middle age, with carpet slippers, tragic sweater and cup of cocoa to match. The formerly sexist superspy is even reevaluating his attitude to women! His daughter (Don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it!) Nancy is taking up the slack in fine style, cutting a bloody swathe through the Regent rogues’ gallery. But a mysterious message starts Jimmy looking into his family’s murky past… where he finds a clue to a strange and deadly new danger. JIMMY’S LITTLE BASTARDS #1, by Garth Ennis and Russ Braun.” 

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Delving further into the series, Ennis spoke more on the new series, where does it pick up and what it’s all about:

“Jimmy Regent is the U.K.’s number one superspy- or was. But after a nasty incident in which his many, many illegitimate children came to get him back for deserting them, and inflicted a world-class case of PTSD on the super-suave secret agent, Jimmy has entered semi-retirement. Now his daughter Nancy has taken over the battle against Britain’s most dangerous enemies- not that anyone asked her, of course.

Variant cover by John McCrea

The new story sees Jimmy’s great, great, great (etc.) Uncle Roger entering the fray- Roger is the black sheep of a family of black sheep, far worse than Jimmy ever was. But now some peculiar skullduggery in 19th century Africa has rebounded on the Regents, and an old enemy is using their own power against them. Jimmy’s Bastards were bad enough- Jimmy’s Little Bastards are a nightmare beyond description.

There are many surprises in the new story, including whale-smuggling, a highly triggering TV show, some very naughty children and dubious goings-on at the highest levels of government. One scene in particular involves a submarine and some hardcore pornography- if anyone does see that one coming, I suggest they get out of the way as quickly as possible.

I wanted to give the new Jimmy’s Bastards a while to percolate, so that it would be darker, funnier, more action-packed and really just a lot nastier than the first series. And it is.”

Jimmy’s Little Bastards #1 is out Wednesday from AfterShock Comics

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