IDW Announces ‘Transformers: Shattered Glass II’ Coming This Summer

by Olly MacNamee

With time ticking down on IDW’s licensing of Hasbro’s Transformers before it moves onto Image Comics, there’s still time to get out one or two extra series. So, why not a sequel to Transformers: Shattered Glass? Which is exactly what’s happening.

Transformers: Shattered Glass II follows up 2021’s original series, from the original series’ creators, writer Danny Lore, artists Daniel Khanna and Guido Guidi, and colourist John-Paul Bove with the new addition of artist Marcelo Matere rounding out the creative roster.

“In a world where the virtuous icons you once knew are monstrously evil, Optimus Prime is a ruthless tyrant and Megatron is a compassionate peacekeeper. Cybertron sits on the brink of war as Autobots and Decepticons race to gain control of a Titan juggernaut whose raw power could decide the ultimate victor. However, while seemingly everyone is laser-focused on the Titan, the powerful shadow broker Ultra Magnus puts a sinister plan into action!”

So, why this sequel? Writer Danny Lore explains:

“When we ended the first series, I was overjoyed at the fan reaction to our version of Shattered Glass. It was a world full of passionate revolutionaries, terrifying warlords, and lots of big things going boom. The chance to revisit Shattered Glass, giving you even more of all that, really feels like coming home—a very explosive home with a lot of really tall folk, but home nonetheless!” 

Khanna added:

“It’s great to return to the Shattered Glass universe where we continue to flesh out this whole new twisted mirror take on the normal Transformers universe. I think fans will really enjoy this latest chapter from this alternate reality.”

Guidi also added:

“Once again it’s great to be back on this series! In the first miniseries, I really loved depicting Blurr as a bad guy and Jetfire’s struggle for Starscream, playing with their facial expressions and their body language, yet keeping their basic traits from their original counterparts. But I can say that I’m having fun with any of the characters at this point. It’s a really refreshing challenge to draw them as their opposite, yet make them convincing and natural in their new roles, for both new readers and older fan.”

And finally, Matere als0 chipped in:

“What excites me more about the premise of Shattered Glass is the chance to play around with things you usually don’t do. For example, after reading the script, one line helped to guide my art style for this book: a description of the Wreckers in a gangster or mobster scenario, calling for lots of shadows and black silhouettes of the characters. It’s been great experimentation moving my art to this new level.” 

Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 is out August and will come with three cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, including Cover A by interior artist Marcelo Matere, Cover B by Red Powell, and a retailer incentive variant by Nick Brokenshire. Hasbro Pulse, the official marketplace for Hasbro brands, will also offer exclusive variant covers of each issue.

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