Advance Review: The Most Dangerous Pro-Wrestling Tournament Of All Time In ‘Do A Powerbomb’

by Tito W. James


A personal passion writ large as a universal myth. Do A Powerbomb is the kind of unrestrained indie gem that makes me a comic fan.


Do a Powerbomb is a seven issue miniseries written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson (Murder Falcon, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth). The series follows Lona Steelrose who wants to be a pro wrestler, but lives in the shadow of her mother’s earlier success. Everything changes when a wrestling-obsessed necromancer asks Lona to join the grandest—and the most dangerous—pro wrestling tournament of all time.

Pro wrestling features over-the-top costumed characters that personify the forces of good and evil. Therefore, the pro wrestling iconography is a perfect match for an action comic book. Johnson’s love for the sport is present on every page and his enthusiasm is infectious. You don’t need to be a sports fan to dig the comic and there’s much more going on than just the action.

If you’re an action addict like myself, Johnson delivers impactful and emotional fights with bombastic art that bursts off the page. The first issue is incredibly well-paced and makes use of the hero’s journey structure in a way that feels fresh yet classic.

Do A Powerbomb is an excellent example of why I love creator-owned comics. Johnson has taken passions and perspectives that are personal to him and made them accessible to everyone within the colorful world of action comics. This is the kind of energy and creativity that keeps me reading comics– other storytellers should take notes.

Do A Powerbomb bodyslams into comic book stores June 1st from Image Comics.

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