Multiplayer Roguelike RPG With ‘For The King II’ Launches 2023

by Sage Ashford

Publisher CurveGames and developer IronOak Games have announced For The King II, a multi-player roguelike RPG with tabletop elements. For The King II takes place in Fahrul, in a kingdom where the queen’s husband has died, and the queen has turned wicked.

The player is left to gather together a group of citizens to adventure in Fahrul, where combat is decided with the dice roll. For The King II supports up to four players, and each player can choose from a variety of classes with unique stats and abilities to create their character. In For The King, everything from the maps and quests to the loot and the events are procedurally generated, meaning every playthrough will be different from the last.  However, players can also permanently unlock certain items that can be used in every playthrough for a bit of additional strategy.

For The King II launches in 2023 for Steam.

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