September Is The Perfect Time To Meet The ‘Ninjettes’

by Erik Amaya

When a corrupt government tries to answer the problem of violence among the young people, it profiles some suspect teens only to set them in a battle to the death. The winners get to be trained as black ops assassins in a high stakes world of kill or be killed.

That’s the set-up for Dynamite’s upcoming title, Ninjettes. Continuing on from ideas debuting in Garth Ennis‘s Jennifer Blood and the subsequent series from writer Al Ewing, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Joseph Cooper introduce a new group of hopefuls. Some distrust and rebel against their captors, and others find an appeal in the offer to become authorized killers. And, according to Dynamite, “One can’t get attached to any one Ninjette too much. Except maybe Steph, a politically active cartoonist who believes she’s only been targeted for her beliefs. She doesn’t have a violent bone in her body, but in order to escape the Concrete Dojo and exact revenge on her captors, that may need to change.”

“My favorite things to do in comics is to put characters in extreme situations and see how they react — and how they’re changed by the experience,” Van Lente said in a statement. “This is definitely an extreme instance of that! Steph doesn’t want to participate in the Ninjettes program — she wants to bring those behind it to justice — but in order to do that, she might just have to come in first place in this murder contest. How does she reconcile that with her ideals? So even though this series has got bloody ninja action, it’s also got heart, is what I’m saying.”

Artists Lesley “Leirix” Li, Jonathan Lau, Dave Acosta, and Sebastian Piriz provide covers for the first issue of the fresh mayhem.

Ninjettes is set to debut this September.

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