Kickstarting Comics: Paul Rainey’s ‘A New Canon’ Takes A Unique Look At ‘Star Wars’

by Richard Bruton

Love Star Wars? Hate Star Wars? Can take or leave Star Wars? Well, Paul Rainey’s A New Canon is the comic-book for you and it’s up on Kickstarter right now!

A New Canon collects together all nineteen episodes of the Star Wars inspired comedy for the first time. Written and drawn by Paul B. Rainey, whose work is always damn good, whether it’s at Viz Comic, his prize-winning Jonathan Cape/Observer Newspaper/Comica Graphic Short Story Similar To But Not where a young Rainey meets Madonna, the tale of David Bowie’s tailor in Starman, his ridiculous Gripe Night, the great Journey Into Indignity, or the ‘mind-bogglingly brilliant mundanity’ of Why Don’t You Love Me.

Yes, I’ve read and reviewed and loved a load of Paul Rainey’s stuff. But then again, he is a prime example of the breadth of talent we have over here in the UK making their own comics.

Case in point, A New Canon, something Rainey’s been working on off and on for a while, with all 19 episodes of the VERY tongue in cheek Star Wars parody now collected.

So, you want to know the reason Stormtroopers are such terrible shots? want to know why the Rebel Alliance are the biggest bunch of bastards? interested in seeing the Empire’s response to the Pandemic? ever wondered how useful the HR Department is with dealing with a certain Mr Daft Vader? It’s all in here.

But there’s more, see what happens when Rae tries to stop a ship with the power of the Force… not what you’d expect. And get to see just how Han teams up with new partner-in-crime Chewbacco, all of which leads to this little beauty…

But it’s not all old Star Wars either, Rainey takes the time to cast an eye over the new stuff as well, including the real reason Mando doesn’t take off that helmet…

And finally, brilliantly, what happened that first time Ben Kendoll and Lucas Skyscraper had the chat about Jedis and lightsabers…


And there’s a lot more where that came from – utterly silly, wonderfully ridiculous, and damn clever all at the same time – that’s Paul Rainey’s A New Canon.

This collection also features Rainey’s Yesterday’s Chips, a brand-new tale from the artist’s memoirs about his attempts to persuade his parents to take him to see the first Star Wars movie in 1977. Did he succeed? As he says, ‘there’s only two ways to find out! Pledge to this campaign or, you know, just ask him.’

Paul Rainey’s Yesterday’s Chips

But trust me… whether you ask him or not, it’s worth pledging for A New Canon, the funniest Star Wars has been… well, ever really.

You can pledge for Paul Rainey’s A New Canon right here. It’s already made the target but let’s give another well-deserving and brilliant comics maker more shall we?

You can also get additional rewards, including PBRAINEY Packs, discounted collections of Paul’s comics as both digital and physical versions. The packs contain A New Canon, Gripe Night, Journey Into Indignity, Starman, Tales To Diminish, CRAB and Pope Francis Goes To The Dentist. And all these are available as Add-Ons at the Kickstarter.

Additionally, there are three original art pledges, including this great Star Wars/Fantastic Four tribute to the cover of Fantastic Four #86.

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