Nickelodeon Set To Make Animated Series Of Jamie Smart’s ‘Super Duper Bunny League’

by Richard Bruton

A new 26-episode order for the Super Duper Bunny League pre-school animated series based on Jamie Smart’s comic series is due in 2024.

Jamie Smart’s Superhero Bunny League has been delighting young and reluctant readers since 2015 since being published by Oxford University Press as part of its Reading Tree series. Aimed at five-to-seven-year-olds, the books have a focus on reading comprehension, something all good publishers, librarians, and teachers increasingly use great comic series to teach.

The super silly, super popular series tells of four rabbits given superpowers thanks to a mutating ray. But, as is the way, the terribly nasty scientist who created them, the superbly-named Dr. Fuzzleglove, wants to take over the world, plus there’s the sudden appearance of space pirates, all of which means that the newly formed Superhero Bunny League need to get their act together and stop all the arguing in time to get to be proper heroes!

Superhero Bunny League by Jamie Smart – soon to become Super Duper Bunny League from Nickelodeon

Essentially, it’s a younger readers version of every Jamie Smart comic you’ve ever read, whether that’s Bear, Bunny Versus Monkey, Looshkin, Corporate Skull and everything else he’s every put his name to… perfectly wonderful, perfectly silly stuff from a great comic artist – as you’ll know from the coverage of his work here, here, here, here, and here at Comicon.

So, it’s wonderful news to hear that the comic series is now to be turned into a 26-episode series due for launch on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. in 2024 in the USA and internationally, albeit with a slight name tweak to Super Duper Bunny League.

“Super Duper Bunny League brings to life the colorful world that Jamie created with quirky imaginative characters and engaging stories filled with zany adventures and loads of fun. We are excited for the opportunity to take the comic books to the next level with a preschool animated series that combines big superhero action with silly cartoony comedy in a uniquely Nickelodeon way.” – Eryk Casemiro, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Animation, Global Series Content.

Right now there’s little known but the basics, with Jamie Smart attached as Consultant to the show alongside Robert Scull and Jonny Belt as executive producers. Jamie’s quite wonderfully happy with it all – as is his right!

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