‘The Flash’ Makes It Up As It Goes Along

by Frank Martin

This season of The Flash was frustrating. It didn’t start off that way. In fact, it started off fairly strong with a five-part story arc that served as a de-facto crossover. What fans couldn’t predict, however, was that format would be how the entire season would play out. There wasn’t really one long continuous storyline as there had been in seasons past. Instead, it continued to play out in arcs. The first main arc brought back a popular character, turning him into a villain in the process. It seemed like that villain would carry through to the end of the season, but he died prematurely, leaving the show with a haphazard patchwork of storylines that never quite shined.

The weird thing about fiction is that it’s obviously a made-up story. But the idea is to have it be so seamless that fans never question it. It’s always bad when a viewer is watching a story unfold and thinks that the writers really are just making things up as they go, which is pretty much how the season finale played out. Every single development made very little sense as Iris (Candice Patton) died and the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) was brought back to life for the umpteenth time.

There were so many storylines, in fact, that the finale couldn’t even wrap them all up. Killer Frost’s (Danielle Panabaker) resurrection was only teased and would have to be concluded next season. Other than that, The Flash is going to have to seriously up its game. With the cancellation and conclusion of other Arrowverse shows, The Flash certainly may be on the chopping block if it’s not up to the task. At the same time, as it approaches a full decade, it becomes more difficult to create new and engaging storylines, but no doubt fans are hoping it can make a turnaround.

The Flash returns in 2023.

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