Square-Enix RTS ‘The DioField Chronicle’ Launches September 22nd

by Sage Ashford

The protagonists of DioField Chronicle, arranged in a clockwise circle, with the protagonist at the bottom.

Square-Enix and Lancarse announced their new strategy RPG, The DioField Chronicle, in March, but afterwards they went silent. There wasn’t any new information for months, even though the game was meant to launch in 2022. But with the Summer Games Showcases over and Square having hyped up all their major Final Fantasy projects, Lancarse has finally been able to show off gameplay…and a release date.

Described as a simulation RPG, The DioField Chronicle is meant to offer a new take on the classic strategy RPG genre. The game makes one think about a series like Final Fantasy Tactics, which also featured a diorama for its battle scenes.

For those who don’t mind watching in Japanese, the livestream of the game showed off around an hour of gameplay time.

The DioField Chronicle releases on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Steam, on September 22nd. The game will also offer a demo on August 10th.

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