Art For Art’s Sake #161: Sgt Rock Is Going To Help Me

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – a celebration of all that is great and good and right and fabulous in comic art, this week ending with a little longer look at the amazing Joe Kubert work on Sgt. Rock.

But we’ll begin with J Sway, who brings the swagger and the look to Black Panther…

And of course, the idiots just weren’t happy…

All you can do is laugh… oh, and show more of Sway’s artwork…

Sully ‘Winchester’ Sullivan:

I had a dream last night about Damian trying over and over to kill Clark (I can’t remember why) and every time he got close Kara would superspeed as a kryptonian body shield blocking him. I thought It was cute so I doodled it.”

Rian Gonzales:

“GUYSSS!!! Here it is! my cover for SPIDER-GWEN GWENVERSE #2!! a dream title of mine.”

Lee Gatlin:

“Gang, I’ve got an idea…”

Daniel Warren Johnson – One-Punch Man commission

Michel Fiffe

David Ziggy Greene – Chewie

LaneLloyd – Big Barda

And Beta Ray Bill

Darryl Cunningham – The Bat, Man…

Christian Ward – Deadman

Javier Rodriguez – ‘the process’ for a gorgeous looking piece

Sebastian Piriz – TMNT

Kyle Hotz – Brother Voodoo


Joe Kubert – Spider-Man

And finding that strange Joe Kubert Spider-Man led me down the path of finding artwork for my favourite Kubert creation – Sgt Rock.

Joe Kubert was another legendary comics artist, born 1926 and sadly passed in 2012. A monumental talent, visionary, creator of the Joe Kubert School and perhaps best known for the DC war comic Sgt Rock, he was also responsible for the incredible artwork on Hawkman, GI Combat, The Haunted Tank, Enemy Ace, Our Army At War, The Unknown Soldier, Tarzan, Tor, Korak, and so many more during a long and glorious career.

So… shall we? Oh yes… Sgt Rock is going to help you…


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