Image Comics Announces A New Apocalyptic Action Horror ‘3Keys’ From David Messina

by Olly MacNamee

Artist David Messina has a new five-part series coming from Image Comics entitled 3Keys. This apocalyptic five-issue miniseries is set to launch from Image Comics this October. Or as Messina tells it:

3Keys is not only an action-horror story about a friendship greater than the apocalypse. But it is also a declaration of love toward pop culture and the sense of wonder that kept us in suspense as we read the books and comic books that have really stayed with us.”

Cover A by David Messina

“In 3Keys, writer/artist Messina invites you to explore a mysterious world where inhabitants of another dimension flee into our reality in order to save themselves from the terrible wrath of the Great Old Ones… or to perhaps instead prepare us for a final, devastating invasion, with only an impetuous young comic-store clerk and her sardonic, furry and surprisingly violent mentor standing in the way.”

3Keys #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 5th

Cover B by Werther Dell’Edera
Cover C (1:25) copy incentive “Action Figure”

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