Image Comics Reveals The Creative Team For ‘Creepshow’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

Today – at the height of the UK heat wave – seems to be the day for Halloween themed comic book announcements. First up we had Halloween Party one-shot and now, again from Image, we have details for Creepshow #2. Image Comics reveal that the creative team behind this sophomore issue will be David Lapham and Maria Lapham (Stray Bullets) and Steve Foxe (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine) with artist Erica Henderson (Assassin Nation, Dracula, Motherf**ker) on two next stories.

Cover by Chris Burnham

David and Maria Lapham said this about their strip and it’s origins:

“We were sitting in the shade of this wonderful old tree at a friend’s house, and we started wondering too much about that tree and very bad things happening. When we got the opportunity to write and draw a Creepshow story, the tree was there waiting.”  

Steve Foxe commented on his story too:

“Creepshow left an imprint on me waaaaay back when I was a kid terrified (but always tempted) by the horror aisle in the local VHS rental spot. Getting the opportunity to contribute to this anthology, especially alongside someone as talented and delightfully demented as Erica, is a huge honor, and I could think of no subject more suitably unsettling than…pop-culture fandom. Anyone who’s waded into the putrid waters of social media knows that some ‘fans’ take things a little too far. Erica, The Creep, and I are going to show everyone what happens when just such a super-fan crosses a line—and a creator decides to fight back.”  

Erica Henderson added:

“As a lifetime horror fan, being part of Creepshow is an honor. I hope you all enjoy delving into the deep recesses of obsession and malaise with me and Steve. We’ll be waiting for you—after all, misery loves company.”

Based on Greg Nicotero’s hit Shudder TV series, Creepshow #2 is out on October 26th 2022 from Image Comics.

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