Legendary Creators Ann Nocenti & John Romita Jr. Return For Daredevil’s 650th

by Tony Thornley

Daredevil is celebrating his 650th issue in August and to celebrate, two of the most influential creators in the character’s history are returning to the series.

Main cover by Marco Checchetto & Matthew Wilson

Daredevil is probably the character in comics with the most high quality creative runs in their history. Ann Nocenti & John Romita Jr had the nearly impossible task of following shortly after Frank Miller’s legendary run on Daredevil. The duo went on to create one of the greatest stories in the character’s history.

Naturally that means that a milestone like 650 issues wouldn’t be complete without them. Nocenti will be teaming with current writer Chip Zdarsky, who will be drawing the short, to tell the tale of Matt Murdock’s history with Hell’s Kitchen and its citizens. Meanwhile, Romita will be illustrating a key sequence in the main story, featuring the most important character he and Nocenti created during their run- Typhoid Mary!

“It’s not often that a comic gets to issue two these days , so … oh wait, it’s issue 650?! Well in that case I’m over the moon that we get to celebrate with so many legendary Daredevil creators!” Zdarsky said. “Daredevil is a title that has had so many amazing runs that it wouldn’t feel right to have an anniversary issue without inviting the people who made the book so special for so many years.”

Check out interior art from both sequences as well as the issue’s two main covers, and pick up Daredevil #2- the 650th issue of the series- on August 17th!

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