SDCC 2022: It’s Orientation Day At Lumon Industries in The ‘Severance’ Experience

by Gary Catig


Severance is a critically acclaimed science fiction psychological thriller on Apple TV+. The series follows employees at Lumon Industries who undergo a medical procedure to separate their personal and occupational memories to achieve that life/work balance. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), there is an activation all weekend transporting you into the show on your first day at the company.

It’s orientation and you visit different parts of Lumon Industries. The experience is very entertaining as there is great attention to detail with regards to décor and the rooms. The actors are also a high point as they capture the nice but creepy tone of Severance while being sharp and ready to improvise based off of your group’s reactions. For fans of the series, there are plenty of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout so keep an observant eye out for them. A nice added touch is there is more than one experience.

As with many things at SDCC, you can pick up some related SWAG. Since you are an employee, you can’t start without your key card and ID. There are also various Lumon Industries items including a tote bag, office supplies, a coin, and a pin. At the very end you receive a nice photograph with all the other orientees to remember your first day. In addition, in order to watch the first season of Severance, a card for 3 free months of Apple TV+ is included.

Overall, a really fun and immersive offsite that can appeal to newbies and fans of the show. Definitely worth going to if you have the chance. The Severance Experience can be found at the Hard Rock Hotel and you can register here.

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