SDCC 2022: Greg Weisman Returns To ‘Gargoyles’ For New Comic Book Series At Dynamite

by Erik Amaya

Dynamite is bring Disney’s Gargoyles back to comics.

The company announced Friday that it has reached an agreement to with Disney to produce new comics, graphic novels, facsimile reprints, and more products featuring the characters later this year. Also exciting: series creator Greg Weisman is back to “write and shepherd” the new stories to be published as comics and graphic novels in what will be seen as both a “new season” of the program and a jumping-on point for new fans.

Additionally, Dynamite will be reprinting an earlier run of Gargoyles comics featuring work from talents like Amanda Conner, Joe Madureira, Jimmy Palmiotti, Martin Pasko, Grant Miehm, and Mort Todd.

The original animated series ran from 1994 to 1997 and featured “stone creatures who patrol New York City as night-time guardians” voiced by people like Keith David, Marina Siritis, and Ed Asner. Initially airing as part of the Disney Afternoon lineup, it represented a shift in tone for the block as the stories were more serious and more serialized with the Gargoyles acclimating to the 20th Century while facing old foes and new challenges. It also made Weisman a beloved creative force in animations circles.

More information will be announced soon as both the new comics and facsimile editions are being prepped for release in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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