‘AXE: Judgment Day’ Ends With Special Omega Issue This November

by Tony Thornley

The Eternals have started a war with mutantkind. The Avengers are doing their best to stop it. In November, the consequences of that war will come crashing down, and it looks like the Eternals are standing right beneath it.

AXE: Judgment Day kicked off with an attack on Krakoa and the Five, a mutant turncoat, and a massive gambit thanks to Iron Man, Ajak and Sinister. The event is just getting started, and it’s already huge. From the looks of it, things aren’t going to go well for the Eternals, as the event all wraps up in November’s Omega issue.

From Marvel’s press release: Last week’s AXE: Judgment Day #1 showed fans just how high the stakes were as they paid witness to the destruction of the mutant planet Arakko, the vicious invasion of Krakoa, and Iron Man, Ajak, Makkari, and Mister Sinister joining forces to build a brand-new Celestial. Strap in as this thrilling and emotionally charged Marvel Comics epic escalates tremendously in the coming weeks and be there when for the dawn of a new Eternals era in AXE: Judgment Day Omega #1. After events, there are promises. “Nothing will ever be the same again.” For the Eternals, it’s a lie. It’s always the same and always will be. However, in the wake of Judgment Day, they discover what is truly Eternal…

“Up front, I’ve black-hatted the Eternals,” Gillen told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. “Not all Eternals are bad guys here, but mainstream Eternal society are the aggressors, and for very ‘understandable reasons.’ That’s the first act, basically: The Eternals go to war, and then we build up from there. But the Eternals are a complicated group of people. Especially since I’m writing both the Eternals tie-ins and Immortal X-Men, I’m always writing the complexities.”

Check out the cover from Pasqual Ferry above and be sure to pick up the franchise redefining one-shot later this fall!

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