Advance Review: Closing Out The Initial Story Arc In `Little Monsters’ #6

by Tom Smithyman


The first arc of Little Monsters ends in this issue with a cliffhanger that is sure to reset the tone for the entire story. With a artwork that jumps from intimate closeups to wide views of entire city blocks, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.


How does forever end? It’s a relevant question when you’re a vampire. Even more so when you’re a teenaged one. (Well, teenaged plus a few centuries, more or less.)

As endings go, the conclusion of the Little Monsters’ first arc is packed with teen angst, existential drama and a hint of vampire-on-vampire violence. Writer Jeff Lemire crafts a good story while setting up the promise of even more action and spectacle for what comes next.

After subsiding on rodents for hundreds of years, half of the remaining adolescent vamps have tasted human blood for the first time. Now they have a taste for it and enter a sort of sharklike frenzy when then catch so much as a whiff of human plasma. The other four kids haven’t partaken of the human delicacy, largely because their elders instructed not to all those years ago. That is setting the two factions on a collision course that should permanently alter the group dynamic. Meanwhile the surviving humans have captured another of the vampiric kids, which is going to make for some interesting storytelling.

Artist Dustin Nguyen flexes his artistic muscles by juxtaposing intimate panels of the kids with sprawling cityscapes of their long-abandoned home.

Interestingly, almost all of Nguyen’s artwork in the series has been in black and white since the action takes place during the day – and, of course, to set the tone for the dark tale. Until now, the only color has been the crimson red of the blood drawn for the ravenous teens’ sustenance. But with no plasma shed in this issue, the artist chooses to color the graffiti drawn on the buildings of a sprawling city. It’s a curious choice – one that may have a deeper meaning as the story evolves.

Little Monsters #6 will be available for purchase on August 3, 2022.

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