Review: ‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #4 Goes Heavy On The Police Procedural And Light On The Super Heroics

by Olly MacNamee


Given ‘Flashpoint Beyond’ as a series leans into its murder mystery/police procedural tropes then fans of such stories will enjoy this fourth issue. But, as a superhero series, this is the one with the least amount of action. The art work saves the day, but its a quick read with just two events filling out the issue and juxtaposed by the writers Geoff Johns, Tim Sherridan and Jeremy Adams in an attempt to create tension, which kinda works.


The mystery of who the Clockwork Killer continues to build, with Thomas Wayne making a huge breakthrough that brings into play and old but familiar face as Flashpoint Batman finally works out who is doing the killing. Meanwhile, Dexter Dent breaks free of The Penguin’s babysitting duties to go see his mad mom in Arkham Asylum. So, no worries there, right?

It’s an issue that flies by with just these two events practically taking up the whole issue, but that doesn’t make it a dull issue. Well, not completely. Not when Xermánico provides that art for Geoff Johns, Tim Sherridan and Jeremy Adams scripting and can make even the more dialogue heavy scenes engaging to read. And there is an awful lot of standing around, whether that’s because a large portion of this issue focusses on the autopsy of the Reverse Flash, or even the baby-sitting duties of Oswald Cobblepot. Either way, don’t expect too much action in this issue. It’s more of a police procedural episode than a super hero heavy affair.

There are some worry moments of mention though. The creepy moment when Dexter reunites with his mother and the revelation of the Clockwork Killer, but all-in-all a rather quick read for all the wrong reasons.

How this will fit into Dark Crisis (On Infinite Earths) is anyone’s guess, given that in that timeline Batman and the rest of the Justice League are dead, but it is referenced at the start of this issue. But, it’s certainly a very different kind of story that’s for sure. 

Flashpoint Beyond #4 is out now from DC Comics

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