‘John Stewart: The Emerald Knight’ #1 – New Green Lantern Special Announced By DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

John Stewart, a Green Lantern who’s been going through a lot of changes lately, will have to step up again when he squares off against a god gone mad to save his fellow Green Lanterns and escape the Dark Sectors in a special one-shot. Written by Geoffrey Thorne (Blood Syndicate: Season One) and artist Marco Santucci John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 will be out on Tuesday November 29th.

“John Stewart has been trapped in the dark sectors for months with the rest of his Green Lantern comrades. With the power of the Godstorm at his disposal, John’s using everything he can to take down Esak, the mad New God, and bring his fellow Corpsmen home. John will need to become something new to win the war against Esak: he’ll need to become the Emerald Knight!”

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