Not All Of Us Peaked In High School: Previewing ‘Big Ethel Energy’ TPB

by Brendan M. Allen

Fans of classic Archie comics are sure to be familiar with Ethel Muggs, Riverdale’s long-suffering teen with a hopeless crush on the always aloof Jughead Jones. Ethel’s stories often revolved around her being the butt of the joke in a folksy and harmless way, but how would a girl like that actually react in a world beyond one-page gags and Sunday funnies? 

When she grows up and leaves her small town behind for greener pastures, would anything about those years of unrequited affection stick with her? And what would happen if, despite all her best efforts to avoid it, she was pulled back one last time?

In the modern era, Archie Comics has been committed to updating its tropes and characters, building on their essential attributes for a new generation. Ethel is next to get this respectful, witty, and smart treatment in the endlessly charming upcoming graphic novel Big Ethel Energy, out September 13 2022 from writer Keryl Brown-Ahmed and artist Siobhan Keenan.



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