Previewing ‘Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Atom Smasher’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Travis Mercer
Colours: John Kalisz
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover: Kaare Andrews
Backup: Bryan Q. Miller, Marco Santucci, Michael Atiyeh, Rob Leigh

“Al Rothstein has big shoes to fill. Very big shoes. But he needs to prove himself before he can call himself Atom Smasher. He has the costume, and he has a mission…he just has to make it through the night in one piece.

And in part 3 of the Teth-Adam backup story: History begins to repeat itself as, in ancient Kahndaq, Teth-Adam’s son, Hurut, crosses a line for the greater good, while, in the present, Adrianna’s son, Amon, joins the race to save the sought-after eternium idol from Intergang’s clutches.”

Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Atom Smasher #1 is out Tuesday 6th September from DC Comics

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