Preview: The Titular Clash Has Arrived In ‘Mezo– Battle At Coban Rock’ #5

by Brendan M. Allen

A Wave Blue World has revealed a preview of Mezo: Battle At Coban Rock #5, dropping on Wednesday from writer Tyler Chin-Tanner and artists Val Rodrigues, Gab Contreras, and Varga Tomi.

‘After last issue’s stunning turn of events, the tide has shifted against Kyma and her team of underdogs, but they do have a couple tricks left (and some cheers from the audience). And, as happens in all the best action/fantasy stories, the motivation of the “bad” guys is harshly illuminated, wildly changing your perspective on past chapters. It’s a spectacular capper to a fascinating Mesoamerican-inspired genre tale, and writer Tyler Chin-Tanner and artist Val Rodrigues give fans of the macro series a few tantalizing set-ups for the next volume.’

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