Advance Review: The Predictable Truth Slowly Emerges In `Seven Sons’ #4

by Tom Smithyman


Middle issues of series are difficult to writer as they have to keep readers’ attention while often changing the story’s focus. That plays out in this installment. Fortunately, always reliable Jae Lee continues to stun with his artwork.


After three issues of introducing readers up a country as obsessed with the second coming of Christ as it is with reality television, Seven Sons is beginning to peel away the some of the mythos. The fact that the investigation is coming from one of the would-be saviors makes the story that much more interesting.

After multiple attempts on his life, Delph, one of the so-called Jesi, has escaped his comfortable life in the holy city that is Las Vegas (yes, you read that correctly) and is searching for the truth. Faith has only taken him so far, and it has largely provided a disappointing journey for him. What he uncovers about his origins and those of the other six who were all born on the same day on different continents isn’t a big surprise to the reader – and interestingly enough, Delph himself doesn’t seem shocked by the revelations.

Faith by itself, it seems, isn’t enough, in this story written by Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao. Ditto for this issue, unfortunately. It’s a transition in the overall story and is moving the series a new direction. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – and fairly typical for the middle issue of a series – but beyond the interesting comparison of religion as a mass media operation, the tale itself seems pretty predictable. Perhaps readers will be in for a surprise, but history is not on its side.

Regardless of the test, artist Jae Lee continues to shine. This issue, he treats readers to some horrific killings in Vietnam and a frightening car crash or two. The work is Lee at his best. While most of the artwork’s palette is fairly subdued, colorist June Chung’s work depicting a firebombing during the Vietnam War is a real highlight, particularly against Lee’s stunning artwork.

As Seven Sons reaches the conclusion of its story over the next three issues, the writers need to pull out some real surprises for the reader. It’s not fair to put so much pressure on Lee’s artwork to carry the series.

Seven Sons #14 will be available for purchase on September 14, 2022.

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