Road Trip!: Previewing ‘Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 12– Trial By Fire’

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview of Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 12: Trial by Fire, out today from Evan Stanley. Adam Bryce Thomas, Aaron Hammerstrom, Matt Froese, Gigi Dutreix, Reggie Graham, Heather Breckel, Matt Herms, and Shawn Lee

‘ROAD TRIP!!! Sonic’s friends hit the pavement for some much needed R&R after months of constant excitement, but a hero’s work is never done! Amy, Jewel, Tangle, and Belle are heading off on a well-deserved camping trip. Between Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline, and the Deadly Six, life has been stressful, so they’re hoping to get a little peace. 

Unfortunately, a dangerous wildfire has other plans. Can our heroines extinguish the flames—and the group tension—before it burns out of control? Then, the Chaotix are on the case! Central City has been turned upside down by unmanageable traffic and bizarre elemental upsets, but Vector, Espio, and Charmy are sure to uncover the truth. Plus, Sonic, Tails, and Belle may have found a way to free the Badniks from Eggman’s control, but a sudden interruption forces the team to prepare for their greatest challenge yet!’ 

Collects Sonic the Hedgehog #45–49.

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