E3 Returns In-Person From June 13th-16th With New Changes

by Gary Catig

Last summer, E3 announced an in-person return for the video game event in addition to revealing that they had partnered with ReedPop to help run it. Now we know the exact dates along with a few changes from previous years.

The next E3 will be held over four days from June 13th-16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In a departure from years past, June 13-15 will be designated E3 Business Days. This time will be set aside exclusively for registered industry personnel to network in-person, hold professional meetings, and connect with licensors and distributors. In addition, media can go hands-on with upcoming games showcased by developers and publishers from around the world. The E3 Business Day portions will be held in its own Industry area. Furthermore, E3 will promote partnered digital events that occur beginning June 11 and running throughout the show.

Then from June 15th-16th, in a totally different hall of the convention center, E3 Gamer Days will be held for the general public where consumers can get hands-on with the future of gaming and connect with people including developers, content creators, media personalities, and more. A dedicated theater of content, open to ticket holders, will run during these days and offer deep-dive looks at highly anticipated titles.

I would be curious to see how E3 2023 will be executed. I do like the expansion of industry only hours so you don’t have to deal with the larger crowds. However, with the designated areas in the convention center, I wonder how developers would mind manning two booths for professionals and the general public. Then, from a personal standpoint, I loved the spectacle of the show floor and the over-the-top booths. Would that quality decline if publishers have to split their resources or would one location get the short end of the stick? Regardless, it will be fun to be back in person.

E3 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention center from June 13th-16th, 2023.

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