The Spider-Verse Is In Danger In ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

This month’s update to Marvel Contest of Champions introduces two new playable characters. One is the mystic mash-up Spider-Man Supreme and the other is the interdimensional genius, Spot. Read below what to expect in October.

“Spider-Man and the Summoner are recruited by Spider-Man (Supreme) to help stop an impending catastrophe that could destroy the entire Spider-Verse! But all is not what it seems with this “Spider-Supreme”. Can Spider-Man stop the villainous Spot and uncover the secrets of this new Spider in their midst? Find out in ARACHNOPHOBIA!”

The latest update also brings bug fixes, balance updates, the Spotted Dimension Rifts event, the Eternity Of Pain challenge and more. Spider-Man (Supreme) will arrive in-game October 6 and Spot on October 18. Learn more about the newest Champions with their in-game bios.

“When bitten by a strange spider that crawled out of an ancient artifact, Peter Parker’s psyche was suddenly bound to the power of the Spider-Verse. Under the tutelage of the Ancient One, Peter learned to channel this power into spells and enchantments and adopted the title of Spider-Man Supreme.

While working on experimental portal technology using Darkforce energy, M.I.T. doctorate Jonathan Ohnn succeeded in creating a solid black circular portal. When the portal became unstable, Jon jumped in and was instantly transported to the Spotted Dimension. Ohnn managed to crawl back out, but doing so covered his body in black spots; portals from the other dimension. Jon realized that the spots allowed him to transport himself instantly through space, and thus began his thriving criminal enterprise as The Spot.”

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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