EXCLUSIVE: The ’90s Are Back In The Trailer For ‘Nicki Fix’s Time Mix’

by Rachel Bellwoar

Nicki Fix knows she has what it takes to become the next big musical star, but when her favorite venue suffers a setback, it’s up to Nicki to save it. Not even Nicki could’ve predicted time travel would be the answer, though, in Nicki Fix’s Time Mix, a 12-part scripted podcast that sees Nicki traveling back in time to 1996. Here’s the full synopsis (and be sure to scroll to the bottom for an early listen to the series’ trailer):

“Nicki Fix is in a sitch! Her dreams of leaving her small town behind for rock superstardom are pretty huge, but she and her friend Bobbie can’t get any attention online, and even less attention than that at the local roller rink where they play to their one fan, Liam, and an otherwise empty room. It’s not much of a start, but at least it’s theirs – that is, until one fateful night when they learn it’s getting torn down. If only they could go back in time and set things right . . . all of it. EEP Universe and iHeartRadio present Nicki Fix’S Time Mix, a race against the clock as three local kids, out of time and lost in the ancient world of 1996, try to save the rink and their future, in a totally twisty sci-fi rock comedy audio adventure that’s got to be heard to be believed!”

Head writer, Cecil Castellucci, said of the time travel elements in the series:

The past always seems like a simpler and more idyllic time, especially if it’s before we were born. Playing with that time travel / finding yourself trope and exploring the pre-streaming, pre-influencer, pre-social media always-on 1990s music scene was really fun.

It’s not easy to try to find your voice in any time period, but when finding your voice means losing your way, it’s even harder.

On co-creating the podcast, EEP Universe CEO, Heather Einhorn, added:

“Nicki Fix’s Time Mix was something we’ve been dreaming of for a while – a lighter addition to our lineup of scripted audio thrillers. It’s got everything we love from our favorite teen comedies: fun music, trippy sci-fi, and a really compelling premise. And the story is built around kids who are at that amazing age when you’re just starting to actualize your goals, if only you had a shot. Although this one’s for young adults, we know older listeners will love reminiscing about the ‘90s as much as we did when writing it.

The first two episodes of Nicki Fix’s Time Mix launch October 19th wherever you get your podcasts. After that a new episode will drop on Wednesdays.

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