Webcomic Weekly: Rachael Smith’s Inktober Delight

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, a regular (sometimes even weekly) look at all kinds of free comics on the Internet – this week we have the ever-wonderful Rachael Smith’s Inktober daily comics…

Normally Inktober brings out lots of great comic art and illustrations, one a day, from some amazing artists. But sometimes we get something very special and have the best comic creators doing comics for the whole month. And one of those this year is the brilliant Rachael Smith, author of Wired Up Wrong, Stand In Your Power, Quarantine Comix, and the forthcoming Isabella and Blodwyn.

Rachael’s planning on putting up at least a strip a day (although we can all forgive her for missing the odd one!) and they are, as usual, quite wonderful insights into her life.

You can find her daily comics on her socials – info here. Well worth a look, she’s still one of Britain’s finest cartoonists.

Oh, and congratulations to both Rachael and Rob (and Rufus) for… well, we’ll let you figure that one out from the strips…

Oh, that wink – what a classic comics moment!

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